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Smoking Cessation Program at Dalewood Health Clinic

Tobacco use continues to be a prime cause of health problems worldwide. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in a year an estimated 1.3 billion are smoking, and 4.9 million people die because of tobacco use. If this progression continues, the number of people who will die will increase to 10 million by the year 2020, 70% of which will be from countries like the Philippines.

A document was released by World Health Organization in 2003 with the title Policy Recommendations for Smoking Cessation and Treatment of Tobacco Dependence; it was stated in the document that as the current data denotes there is no possibility that to reduce tobacco-related deaths over the next 30-50 years if adult smokers are not encouraged quitting.

Tobacco products are addictive making it for tobacco users to have a really hard time quitting. Dalewood Health Clinic emphasizes the importance of helping tobacco dependent users in quitting.

Population surveys report uncovers that each year approximately one-third of smokers attempt to quit and vast of these attempts are undertaken without help. However, Fiore et al. (2000) stated that 1-3% of people smoking tobacco achieves long-lasting abstinence, the usual time before a smoker smokes tobacco again is approximately 12 months using will power alone.

The Philippine Global Adult Tobacco Survey (2009) revealed that 28.3% (17.3 million) of the population aged 15 years old and higher currently smoke tobacco, 9.0% (2.8 million) are women and 47.7% (14.6 million) are men. Eighty percent of the current smokers are smoking daily, men and women smoke an average of 7 sticks of tobacco cigarettes per day.

So basically what is in a tobacco? Why is it so addictive? Tobacco is a green, leafy plant that grows in cozy countries. Over 4,000 chemicals are identified in tobacco cigarettes, 51 of them can cause cancer. Chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes are not only known to be causing cancer but also other grave health problems.

The widely known chemicals present in tobacco cigarettes are nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide.

Nicotine is a powerful toxic drug and is the main ingredient in bug sprays of insecticide. A drop of nicotine in its pure form on a person’s tongue can kill the individual.

Tar is the oily substance that remains after the tobacco goes through the filter, tar sticks to the lungs and blacken it.

Carbon monoxide is denoted as a poisonous gas; the gas is also found in the exhaust of cars. This gas interferes with the respiratory (breathing) and circulatory (heart, arteries, and veins) systems.

It is the chemical found in tobacco cigarettes that make it highly addictive, once you smoke, chew, or sniff, nicotine passes into the bloodstream making the body want more. The nicotine found in tobacco makes it a drug, your body is changed in some ways. Nicotine is a stimulant that speeds up the nervous system making you feel energetic and also makes the heart beat faster and raise your blood pressure.

Smoking cessation gives a lot of health benefits; people who stop smoking reduce their potential risk for diseases like cancer and early death. It is also associated with a lowered risk of infertility in women who are still capable of pregnancy, lowered risk of cancers and heart diseases.

Smoking cessation is not an easy task when you are just doing it by yourself; you need support from and institution. You may have short-term effects such as irritability, weight gain, and anxiety. There are many ways to quit smoking, other people benefit from the step by step manuals, medicines, or counseling but this is quite hard especially for those who are heavily addicted to tobacco cigarettes.

Dalewood Health Clinic provides assistance to patients and helps them enroll with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health by providing safe and effective programs for smoking cessation. Clients are encouraged to visit their therapists and complete an assessment for them to formulate a treatment plan that is suitable for them.

Dalewood Health Clinic offers specialized outpatient treatments; it also provides assessment, group counseling, medical consultation and medications to reduce or quit smoking. The institution caters men, women, and children who want to stop from smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking cessation establishes numerous physical and emotional effects to your body, these effects are both short term and long term.  Just keep this mind; you are never too old to quit smoking.




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