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What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of Smoking?

A lot of people know that quitting the habit of smoking is an arduous task to accomplish; the main reason is that of the presence of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes. Nicotine is highly addictive and can be compared to other drugs like cocaine and heroin. The moment you will decide to stop from smoking, withdrawal

What Happens to your Body when you Stop Smoking?

There is no way around it; smoking is truly bad for your health. Smoking affects almost every organ in your body and causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. Smoking is also the culprit for many cancers and health issues. Smoking is quite hard to stop because of the presence of nicotine which is a

Things you can do to Fight off Nicotine Addiction

Smoking will not give you anything good so if you are already a smoker, then the right time to quit is now. If you are trying to quit your habit of smoking tobacco cigarette, nicotine addiction is probably a hindrance for you to achieve your goal. Tobacco plants contain nicotine and act as a natural