Things you can do to Fight off Nicotine Addiction

Smoking will not give you anything good so if you are already a smoker, then the right time to quit is now. If you are trying to quit your habit of smoking tobacco cigarette, nicotine addiction is probably a hindrance for you to achieve your goal.

Tobacco plants contain nicotine and act as a natural protection from being eaten by insects. Nicotine is a toxin and also used as an antiherbivore chemical – used extensively as an insecticide. On top of that, nicotine is a central nervous stimulant that activates your body’s flight or fight response resulting in an alert stimulated high; it allows nicotine addicts to feel superior.

A nurse practitioner, Eleana M. Comway, NP uncovers that cigarette cravings will happen to you regardless if you smoke or not, that is because smoking is not a habit but an addiction. The first few minutes are the worst part of your craving, and that goes away after about 20 minutes.

Additionally, Dr. Richard Hurt from Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center explains that many people want to treat their nicotine addiction on their own because they think that it’s something that they should just do on their own using willpower alone, the chances of these people are low compared to smokers who seek help to credible institutions and experts in the field of smoking cessation.

Nicotine addiction is hard to fight alone; you will probably need support from experts. Dalewood Health Clinic and with their therapists help you design a program that best suits you and is safe. The clinic offers medical consultation, group counseling, assessment, and medications to quit/reduce smoking.

Aside from seeking help to experts, there are ways in which you can help yourself overcome nicotine addiction. You will surely experience the withdrawal symptoms so here are some tips during that transition period.

Getting plenty of rest and eating healthy foods, excessive sugar and lack of sleep are known triggers for you to smoke again.

Use substitutes for your oral cravings like raw vegetables, carrot sticks, gum, straws, or coffee strainers.

Avoiding stress will greatly help, stress is known as a reason for smoking.

When you experience craving once again, remember your reason for quitting. Never let your addiction win, fight it. You should start to imagine yourself as a non-smoker, the ultimate payoff, freeing yourself from nicotine addiction.

Being able to say that you have already successfully freed yourself from smoking is the best gift that you can give not only to yourself but also to the important people around you. Even if it is hard at times – never give up.



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